Gin Palooza 2022: Our event highlights!

Gin Palooza 2022: Our event highlights!

What an event! @australianginawards

We experienced for the first time the intense three-day Gin Palooza weekend in Sydney from 29 April to 1st May 2022. Wow, that was so much fun for our first big gin event. We enjoyed bringing our delicious gins to taste along with many other incredible distilleries. 

Here are some highlights for us during that event: 

🍞 We loved talking about our unique distilling process using surplus bread from our local bakeries to create our base spirits and then gin! And see people's reactions when we say we use bread

🚶 It was amazing to see people lining up asking to taste Baker's Dozen Gin aka "the gin full of spices that taste like hot cross buns"

🍸 We absolutely loved meeting so many different distilleries and some really lovely people, there's nothing like sharing the distilling love! This makes us excited to visit more distilleries around Australia when we can. 

😂 People (nicely) fighting over our very last beanies. They are out of stock right now but we are re-stocking them soon. 

🔔 When the bell rang at the end of every tasting session to signal the last fifteen minutes. Which meant everyone was running like crazy to buy the last bottles or do a very last taste sample. Very fun to watch! 

🤪 Also not having much of a voice left after a 14 hour day

💤 And dreaming in our sleep talking about our gin non-stop! 

Thank you to everyone who bought a bottle or some merchandise from us this weekend. We super appreciate your support for our micro startup distillery. 
We can't wait for the next event now! 

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