It all started when...

Deon's interest in distilling first piqued after becoming disillusioned with the corporate world and an inspiring conversation with a Tasmanian micro distiller while at a friend's bar.

The only way Deon would take the leap and start his own distillery would be if there were a way to make a meaningful difference for climate change and the oceans. As an ocean lover and surfer, it only made sense. Be the difference you want to see.

Two factors contributed to Deon's sustainable journey into distilling. First, he watched a documentary about Food Waste in Australia, where tons and tons of bananas were discarded because of their size or shape (War on Waste by ABC). Then, he saw another documentary about Ugandans making gin from Bananas. That's where Deon saw a fantastic idea to re-use unsold food that's still fresh. Using unsold food turns into a unique product, reduces food waste and helps combat climate change simultaneously. Food waste creates methane, which is a potent greenhouse gas.

In 2019, Deon put his money where his mouth was and the process to open a distillery started. It has been a slow and long journey, but the passion for making a difference and creating delicious sprits makes it worth it. Discover the sustainable spirit and get on board with what we are creating.

Getting creative

Partners in life but also business, the other half of Hang 10 Distillery is Marine. She joined forces with Deon in 2019 as the Creative Director to create from the ground up the branding, product design and all things digital for the distillery.

Marine has a strong background in advertising, lifestyle, and travel industries working as a graphic designer for many years. She also still runs her own design business Kalea Marine Designs, where she helps clients with illustrations, branding, and digital and print designs. 

Marine is passionate about caring for the environment and going plastic-free wherever possible. She constantly draws her endless inspiration from the ocean and surf-related adventures into Hang 10's branding.

A new adventure for Hang 10 Distillery

The road to opening a physical location for our distillery has been long and intense but we are happy to share that we are now open to the public in Warriewood! See more details here.

Our weekdays are now filled with production, experimenting with new flavours, and weekends will be buzzing at our cellar door and bar. Our menu features tasting flights, mixed spirits, cocktails, mocktails, a rotating selection of craft beers and of course a bit of casual food.

We want to thank everyone who supports us and family and friends who are always there for us through this journey. You know who you are.

Bring on the sustainable spirit, and let's make a difference together.

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