How to drink Baker's Dozen Gin

How to drink Baker's Dozen Gin

If you’re reading this - you’ve probably purchased a bottle of gin from us, so thank you!

We thought we'd give you a few tips on how to best drink Baker's Dozen Gin. As a general rule, we find citrusy flavours don’t always go well with our gin as it’s quite earthy. But feel free to experiment at home too and let us know how you go! It’s definitely not the traditional gin and that’s what makes it so unique and fun to experiment with!

Our guide on how to drink Baker's Dozen Gin: 

1. Straight or with ice or with soda water

To best feel all the flavours, we recommend trying it straight or straight with some ice. You'll definitely get a good taste of all the goodness in it! Add some soda water if needed and a topping of your choice. 

2. With a good quality tonic 

Not any tonic will cut it - we highly recommend Cascade Tonic or Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic because they both really enhance the earthy savoury flavours of our creation. Try to avoid very citrusy tonics for this gin as the flavours might clash. 

3. As a delicious cocktail

We now have more than 10 cocktails for our Baker’s Dozen Gin - from easy to advanced. There will definitely be something you like in there. Check out our cocktails on our inspo page. 

So how did you go? What's your favourite way to drink Baker's Dozen Gin? 

We would love to see a photo of you and your gin - tag us on facebook or instagram @hang10distillery or #hang10distillery or #bakersdozengin. We can't wait to see your snaps! Thanks a lot again for your support.

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