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Baker's Dozen Gin

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This delicious sustainable gin was hand crafted using surplus sourdough bread for the base alcohol and then 13 delicious organic botanicals.

The First gin in Australia made from surplus sourdough bread.

Hand crafted and Infused with delicious botanicals such as Juniper berry, coriander seeds, angelica root, rose hip, almond, and lavender. (plus a few secret spices).

This gin is inspired by our surf & cafe culture as well as the search for ways to reduce food waste. Working with local bakeries on Sydney's Northern Beaches, we used unsold Sourdough bread that would have otherwise been wasted. We repurposed it, gave it a new life and created a unique and delicious gin for you to enjoy. Thank you for supporting us in our adventure and for making a difference. This gin has no detectable gluten and has nuts as part of the botanical infusion.

500 ML - 43% ABV

Hand crafted on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Product of Australia

Please Drink Responsibly. Get the facts,

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Customer Reviews

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Bloody good drop

We loved everything about this gin. From its brilliant concept down to the very last drop.


This Gin tastes different to normal but I really like it, something different…😀👍🏻👏🏻